Honest Security
An endpoint security solution for teams that value productivity, transparency, and employee happiness.

Meet compliance goals, keep users happy

Traditional security solutions don't interact with end-users and must rely on strict enforcement and surveillance.

Kolide is different.

We believe that device security starts with the user. With Kolide you can clearly communicate your organization's security guidelines and help users achieve compliance without resorting to rigid management.

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Answer pressing
questions about your fleet

Get a bird's eye view of your environment, then drill down into the nitty gritty to gain critical insights into your fleet's health and hygiene.

What unencrypted SSH keysare present in my fleet?Who needs a battery replacement for their Mac?What are the most uncommon apps in my environment?Are any devices running unsigned Kernel Extensions?Have any of my devices recently had a Kernel Panic?Which devices have less than 10 GB of disk space remaining?Which Chrome Extensions in my fleet have the highest permission risk?
What unencrypted SSH keys are present in my fleet?
What are the most uncommon apps in my environment?
Are any devices running unsigned Kernel Extensions?

Data that's accurate
and easy on the eyes

A single device in your fleet can produce thousands of unique data points. This data is often intended to be read by programs and systems, not people. Kolide interpets and visualizes the data we collect so you can quickly understand the state of your devices. Instead of wasting time looking up jargon, Kolide will help you reach timely, and most importantly, accurate conclusions about your devices.

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Inventory Cards

Security that doesn't get in your way.

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