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Kolide gives you accurate, valuable, and complete fleet visibility across Mac, Windows, and Linux endpoints.

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Kolide can help you list Chrome Extensions across your entire fleet, automatically grouping them by their unique IDs.

Kolide automatically imports risk scores from crxcavtor, enabling you to sort extensions by their highest risk of compromise based on their permissions or the developer's reputation.

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Microsoft Defender AV is built into all modern versions of Windows. Kolide can report on Defender's status, including any detected threats and its actions in response.

Reporting on threats is one of the core requirements for SOC2 and other audits.

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Developers keep SSH keys on their devices all the time. That's okay, as long as they are encrypted.

Using Kolide you can enumerate the user's SSH keys, get their encryption status, and even pattern match their filename to ensure you don't see things like "aws-us-east-prod".

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Ensure your organization uses genuine versions of Microsoft products and that the licenses match the intended usage.

Kolide can locate the Microsoft Licenses across your Windows fleet. Using this, you can identify installations of Microsoft products that may be in use with expired or non-genuine licenses.

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Kolide can help you and your IT team find Macs that recently crashed due to a Kernel Panic. Explore the data in inventory and you can help discover emerging problems in your fleet and the root causes that may be driving them.

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The sudoers file can offer insights into how a Mac or Linux device is used. One common issue is a user who disables sudo's built-in password protection.

Kolide's inventory can help you quickly find these insecure configurations to get your devices back on the straight and narrow.

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Recovering unused licenses for expensive products can be a chore, but Kolide can help.

Kolide enumerates and collects information about all installed software. With macOS apps Kolide can even return when the app was last launched by the end-user, making license recovery a snap!

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Kolide can help you identify Macs that may provide a bad experience to the end-user, like a Macbook battery that can no longer hold a charge.

Instead of waiting for end-users to reach out to you, you can proactively find them.

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Kolide can give you insight into logical storage across all of your devices, including encryption status and the info about the underlying disk drives.

Using this, you can find devices running critically low on disk space before a device becomes inoperable.

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Which Chrome Extensions in my fleet have the highest permission risk?
Has Windows Defender detected any threats?
What unencrypted SSH keys are present in my fleet?
Are there any non-genuine Microsoft products installed on my fleet?
Have any of my devices had a Kernel Panic recently?
Do any users have an insecure sudoers configuration?
Who is no longer using their Adobe CC license?
Who needs a battery replacement for their Mac?
Are any of my devices running low on disk space?
Kolide collects and visualizes thousands of data points across 50 categories on your Mac, Windows, and Linux devices. Browse Kolide's Inventory

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Live Query

Pre-collected data is only part of the story. With Kolide, you can write and run real-time queries using the full power of osquery and get results back in seconds.
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Programmatically access data collected by Kolide via a REST API. Receive webhooks about important changes in device state, like when when a new issue is detected.
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Log Pipeline

Export a real-time stream of device events and send them to Splunk or other log aggregation software or SIEM for advanced alerting and incident response activities.
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Kolide's focus on device data accuracy and visualization has made it an invaluable tool for Clio's helpdesk. When an employee contacts the help-desk, our technicians immediately pull up the device in Kolide.
Tim Fitzgerald
Manager, IT Systems

Learn how Clio uses Kolide to gain insights into their Fleet:
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End-User Privacy Center

We believe showing is as important as telling. That's why we built the User Privacy Center: this centralized resource allows employees to see what data is being collected from their devices, and why that information is important. Employees can also download a copy of their data from Kolide.

Informed Consent

Kolide will only collect data for specific sensitive actions when it has informed consent from the device's assigned user. We use Slack to reach out to users, give them insight on the request, and get their permission. The process is transparent and seamless.

100% Open-Source Agent

Kolide's endpoint agent is read-only and entirely open-source. This allows you and technical end-users to examine its capabilities and how they work. Most importantly, it will enable third-party researchers to continuously vet the agent's security and submit bug reports for any findings to our bug bounty program.

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  • Informed Consent
  • 100% Open-Source Agent

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Linux can be a confusing web to untangle when trying to answer simple questions such as disk encryption or screen lock. Kolide works hard to give you the answers whether you're running Debian, RedHat, Arch Linux, or others.

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