Okta customers love Kolide
So we priced it just for them

Kolide Core
Device Trust + End User Remediation
Per User / Month
Kolide Max
Unlock the full power of osquery
Per User / Month
Premium Support & SLA - $1/user/month
Includes a private dedicated Slack Channel and meaningful Service Level Agreement.
Available for Kolide and Kolide Max.


Kolide Core
Kolide Max
Block untrusted & unsecure devices from accessing Okta apps
Self-service instructions for fixing issues
A bird's eye view of compliance for stakeholders and auditors
Run over 100 pre-built device compliance Checks
Build your own Checks using custom osquery SQL
Deliver real-time user notifications across Mac, Windows, and Linux
Aggregate and instantly query thousands of host data points
GDPR friendly end-user portal to review data collection
Osquery supercharged to enable Zero Trust use-cases on Mac, Windows, and Linux
Register and verify mobile devices
Ingest and integrate Kolide data into your existing tools
Issue commands and perform Kolide actions programmatically
Receive important events from Kolide and react programmatically
Scope Checks and data collection to specific Okta groups
Export osquery logs to your SIEM with integrations with AWS, GCP, and Splunk
Use osquery SQL to retrieve device data, on demand

Common Billing Questions

  • What is the definition of a user?

    A user is an Okta identity who has one or more devices registered in Kolide. You can determine which users are provisioned into Kolide using Okta groups. Regardless, a user still needs a device registered to them to be considered a billable unit in Kolide.

  • Are there any limits on the number of Devices, Admins or Checks we can have?

    There are no usage caps on any Kolide features included in your pricing tier.

  • Can I add Slack Support / SLA to my plan later?

    Yes you can, our SLA is optional.

  • Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

    Upgrades can be initiated at any point during your term. Downgrades can be initiated at the end of your current term.

  • What is the contract length?

    Our minimum term is 12 months but longer terms are available.

  • Do you offer trials or pilots?

    Yes, we offer a guided pilot. Due to heavy interest, we are offering these on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us to request a pilot.

  • What versions of Okta are compatible with Kolide?

    Both Okta Classic and Okta Identity Engine (OIE) are compatible with Kolide.

    If you are using Okta Classic, you will need to ask Okta to provide you with access to the Custom IdP Factor beta feature. Additionally, if you want the ability to sequence Kolide with additional possession-based factors (e.g., Okta Verify), you must also request access to the Factor Sequencing feature.

    If you are using Okta Identity Engine, you will need the following SKUs/Features:

    • Basic SSO
    • Basic MFA (This provides the ability to create 3rd party authentication factors, necessary to add Kolide)
    • Lifecycle Management (A very useful feature for all your applications, this provides user provisioning and deprovisioning via SCIM, which is how your users will be synchronized from Okta into Kolide)

    For more information, read our Connect Kolide to Okta guide.

  • I am on an older Kolide plan where I still pay per-device. How do I switch to this pricing?

    Our rates and contract lengths for customers who pay per-device (vs per-user) are unchanged. To be eligible for the pricing/plans listed here, you must have Okta. If you have Okta, please contact us and we can assist you with transitioning your account.

  • Do you offer volume discounts?

    Yes, if you have more than 5,000 users, reach out to us at sales@kolide.co.

  • Can I add Kolide to my 1Password subscription?

    Not yet! But rest assured, we will be working on ways for Kolide users to explore 1Password and for 1Password customers to explore Kolide.

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