Kolide ensures that
if a device isn't secure,
it can't access your apps.

  • Achieve Zero Trust Access
  • Designed for Okta
  • Works on Mac, Windows, and Linux
Zero Trust auth for Okta that drives your Devices to 100% compliance.
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Fix problems
without lifting a finger
1,247,714 Fixed
Reduce IT workload while meeting your security objectives. Kolide provides your employees with easy-to-understand remediation instructions to fix compliance issues.
Employees are resolving important issues on their devices completely on their own before we've even had a chance to finish our coffee.
Tim Fitzgerald - Manager, IT Systems
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Make security a part of your culture

Give your employees the steps to secure their devices with contextually relevant recommendations and the rationale to back them up.

Gnome: Screen Lock Misconfigured

Why is this a problem?

How do I fix this?

To fix this problem, follow these simple steps...


macOS, Windows
and Linux

Reduce your IT complexity and review your security posture for all desktop devices in one place.
Honest Security

Useful data
collected honestly

Kolide is the only security product, that treats the end-user's privacy as a top priority.

Endpoint Security Powered By Slack : Kolide Raises $17MM Series B

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