Kolide ensures that
if a device isn't secure,
it can't access your apps.

  • Achieve Zero Trust Access
  • Device Posture for Okta Users
  • Works on Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, & Android
Zero Trust auth for Okta that drives your Devices to 100% compliance.
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People really feel empowered about their devices. They understand what's failing, why it's failing, why that's important, and how to fix it.
Tim Fitzgerald - Manager, IT Systems
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User-first security that works with employees

Kolide doesn't just block users, it teaches them how to fix security problems, getting them back to work without needing help from IT.

Windows: Bitlocker Not Enabled On Primary Disk

Why is this a problem?

How do I fix this?

To fix this problem, follow these simple steps...

Device Health

A complete picture
of your fleet

A single platform with thousands of data points and device posture checks across your entire fleet.
How it Works

Look under
the hood

Our docs answer your questions about how to implement, manage, and customize Kolide.

Serious about security and privacy.

Kolide believes Zero Trust works best when it respects end-user privacy and agency.

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