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Message your employees on Slack providing customized security and compliance recommendations for their Linux, Mac, and Windows devices.
Message employees on Slack with security and compliance recommendations for your Linux, Mac, and Windows devices.
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It looks like you have 2 Salesforce customer data exports that have been sitting in your Downloads folder for more than 14 days.

Please navigate to the following two files, delete them and then Empty the Trash:

/Users/eva/Downloads/export-2021-09-14 (1).csv
I fixed it! Check Again.
export-2021-09-14 (1).csv
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Kolide provides easy to understand self-remediation instructions to crowdsource your IT and Security objectives, while educating your employees.
Imagine a proactive world that detects issues before they even become a problem, protecting you from any real damage.
Johan Edholm - Co-Founder & SysOps Lead
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Make security a part of your culture

Give your employees the steps to secure their devices with contextually relevant recommendations and the rationale to back them up.

macOS: Filevault Not Enabled On Primary Disk

Why is this a problem?

How do I fix this?

To fix this problem, follow these simple steps...


macOS, Windows
and Linux

Reduce your IT complexity and review your security posture for all desktop devices in one place.
Honest Security

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Kolide is the only security product, that treats the end-user's privacy as a top priority.

Endpoint Security Powered By Slack : Kolide Raises $17MM Series B

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