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An endpoint security solution for teams that value productivity, transparency and employee happiness.
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Automatically notify users when they have security issues with easy self-remediation steps

Kolide keeps users informed and their devices secure

Kolide reaches out once a day when it observes an issue that affects your organization's security goals. Check for issues such as:

  • User missing 2FA on their GitHub Account
  • Device does not have Full Disk Encryption
  • Device has unencrypted SSH Keys for production infrastructure
  • Device Firewall is disabled
  • Device has Plain-Text 2FA Recovery Codes on Disk

Automatically walk your users through the fix to common security issues

The interactive Slack app shows users how to resolve simple issues and misconfigurations themselves or allows them to contact an administrator for help.

Stop making hundreds of IT tickets that sit needlessly in a queue, Kolide crowdsources your security workload by automatically reaching out to the affected user. This self-support approach lets users remain administrators of their own device without sacrificing your organization's security and compliance goals.

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Onboard your users using the Kolide Onboarding Wizard or post a link to the installer to your team's general channel by typing: @kolide installers