MDM for those that don't need to be "managed"

Coming later this year, be the first to try it!

To the users —

This MDM is built with you in mind.
Kolide will:

  • Use the MDM as a means of bootstrapping your device to make it easier to work, not harder
  • Keep you informed about what the MDM is doing for you, and more importantly, what it can't do
  • Tell you things about your Mac that are important to you—but maybe not the business
  • Provide you alternatives to management policies that hurt your productivity
  • Manage your devices like your favorite boss—not Bill Lumbergh

To our buyers —

You may be wondering...
What’s in it for you?

  • Employees who won't sneak personal devices on the network to get around the MDM—which now benefits them
  • Info you need to support users and answer their questions—right at your fingertips
  • C-Level Executives and VPs that won't ask for special treatment or to be removed from the MDM
  • The data you need to passing security audits with flying colors
  • All the credit for creating an IT security culture built-on respect, not distrust