Last Updated: February 23rd, 2021
Kolide engages the following Sub Processors to provide services, customer support, perform product research and development.
Name of Sub-ProcessorPurposeGDPR Compliance Link
Google Analytics & Google Cloud PlatformStores log events that detail access and activity in the system. Google Analytics allows Kolide to track utilization of product features and marketing campaigns.
StripeProcessing payments, storing payment information
IntercomCustomer CRM (Kolide uses this to offer support and promote new features)
ClearbitEnriches data based on a provided email address
HerokuHosting provider for Kolide
BugsnagStores Kolide application exceptions for engineers to triage and resolve
MailgunSends emails on behalf of Kolide’s K2 application to authorize users of the service.
AnnounceKitSends emails on behalf of Kolide’s K2 application to alert users of product and feature updates
HubSpotStores log events that detail access across Kolide marketing experiences. HubSpot allows Kolide to track marketing campaigns.