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Employees make them happen

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help security

An enforcement only approach to compliance limits what the IT team can achieve and drives employees to use personal devices. Instead of frustrating your employees, Kolide empowers them to help fix security issues, including ones that could not be solved with automation alone.
Instead of frustrating your employees, Kolide empowers them to help fix security issues, including ones that could not be solved with automation alone.
  • Screen Lock Securely Configured
  • Firewall Enabled
  • Password Manager Installed
  • Filevault Encryption Enabled
  • Important Updates Installed
  • Windows Firewall Enabled
  • Important Windows Updates Installed
  • Password Manager Installed
  • Bitlocker Encryption Enabled
  • Ransomware Protection Enabled
  • Gnome: Screen Lock Configured
  • Ubuntu Unattended Upgrades Enabled
  • Uncomplicated Firewall (UFW) Is Enabled
  • EFI: Secureboot Enabled
  • Password Manager Installed
Kolide addresses device requirements across Linux, Mac, and Windows, to help you meet your security objectives and pass audits.
Risk does not have to be scary. With Kolide I am able to provide my employees with the context of why a certain device setting is necessary - then provide them with the steps to implement it.
Johan Edholm
Co-founder and SysOps Lead

Learn how Detectify uses Kolide to achieve ISO-27001 compliance:
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Password Manager

Ace Your SOC2

Kolide enables you to track and report on your progress across your compliance and security goals. Helpful dashboards allow you to prove compliance definitively to company leadership, customers, and auditors.

End-User Privacy Center

We believe showing is as important as telling. That's why we built the User Privacy Center: this centralized resource allows employees to see what data is being collected from their devices, and why that information is important. Employees can also download a copy of their data from Kolide.

Informed Consent

Kolide will only collect data for specific sensitive actions when it has informed consent from the device's assigned user. We use Slack to reach out to users, give them insight on the request, and get their permission. The process is transparent and seamless.

100% Open-Source Agent

Kolide's endpoint agent is read-only and entirely open-source. This allows you and technical end-users to examine its capabilities and how they work. Most importantly, it will enable third-party researchers to continuously vet the agent's security and submit bug reports for any findings to our bug bounty program.

Your end-users
can trust Kolide

  • End-User Privacy Center
  • Informed Consent
  • 100% Open-Source Agent

Got Linux?
Got you covered.

Linux can be a confusing web to untangle when trying to answer simple questions such as disk encryption or screen lock. Kolide works hard to give you the answers whether you're running Debian, RedHat, Arch Linux, or others.

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