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Integrate Vanta and Kolide

Easily report cross-platform device compliance.

It’s simple. Vanta customers can use Kolide to track device compliance and remediate issues.

Deploy Kolide’s lightweight, open-source agent across your fleet of MacOS and Windows devices, connect your Vanta and Kolide accounts and watch as compliance status in Vanta gets automatically populated and refreshed hourly.

Kolide detects issues.
Users fix them.

Unlike legacy MDM solutions, Kolide messages users on Slack with instructions on how to address compliance issues. These messages are only sent to affected users when their device has an issue, helping you pass your security audit without increasing IT workload.

Kolide costs $6/device/month with no additional cost for the Vanta integration.

Here's how Kolide's Vanta Integration works:

Get a Free Trial
Sign up for Kolide’s 2-week free trial, selecting Compliance as your reason for looking at Kolide.
Setup your Agent
Follow Kolide’s setup flow to connect your company’s Slack instance and install Kolide’s agent on your first device.
Visit Integrations and Select Vanta
Once in Kolide’s admin portal, tap your Profile Icon in the top right corner and visit Settings > Integrations > Vanta
Log in
Follow the on-screen steps to log in to your Vanta instance and approve Kolide to pass device information into Vanta.
That's it!

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