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Open Source Osquery Manager
Write queries on the fly. Explore live results.
Expand osquery capabilities from a single machine to your entire fleet. Query dynamic sets of hosts, and watch the data stream in for immediate analysis and investigation. Export results for a closer look in your favorite tools.
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Kolide Fleet is compatible with every major platform
Every machine at a glance, organized your way
Track, manage, and monitor your entire infrastructure from a single screen. Create labels populated with hosts matching a query. Whether you want to see machines running an old OS, low on disk space, or running vulnerable software, labels group your fleet in an organized and intelligible way.
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Take complete control
Our CLI fleetctl provides scriptable access to osquery on your entire fleet.
fleetctl $ fleetctl query "select name, version, build from os_version;" +------------------+-------+---------+---------+ | hostname | name | version | build | +------------------+-------+---------+---------+ | jsnow.local | macOS | 10.13.3 | 17D47 | | dtargaryan.local | macOS | 10.13.2 | 17C205 | | nstark.local | macOS | 10.12.6 | 16G1114 | | tgreyjoy.local | macOS | 10.13.3 | 17D102 | | mtyrell.local | macOS | 10.13.1 | 17B1003 | +------------------+-------+---------+---------+ $ |
Run queries on a recurring basis with Packs
Group queries together by any common purpose or function you can imagine. Run them on a scheduled basis and output the logs together. Craft packs of any size and scope from your saved queries.
Schedule important queries to run at defined intervals.
Output snapshot or differential logs.
Target queries to run on a precise set of hosts.
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Designed to work with Launcher
streamline your osquery deployment:Learn More
Seamless & centralized osquery configuration
Let's face it, pouring over endless config files and docs to tailor a product's feature-set is not everyone's cup of tea. Kolide provides a method to ensure consistent osquery configuration across your fleet.
Deploy global changes to your config instantaneously.
Customize your logging pipeline.
Implement proprietary analytics extensions.
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