Video Walkthrough

Video Walkthrough

If you prefer a step-by-step visual tutorial of the Connect Kolide to Okta Guide, we’ve prepared the videos below.

Step 1: Create a Group for People In-Scope for Kolide

In this step, we will create an Okta Group that we will use throughout this guide to precisely define the exact Users in your Okta instance that will use Kolide’s Okta Integration to sign in to apps.

Step 2: Add the Kolide App to Okta

In this step, we will add Kolide as an Application to your Okta instance and configure single sign-on with SAML. (Enabling SAML affects all users who use Kolide.)

Step 3: Set Up Automatic User Provisioning (SCIM)

In this step, we will set up SCIM which allows Kolide to automatically import the Okta Users into Kolide. This is necessary to allow Kolide to verify the identity of any users that sign into apps protected by its Okta integration.

Step 4: Add Kolide as an IdP Authenticator to Okta

In this step, we will finish setting up the Kolide integration by adding Kolide as an authenticator you can use as part of Okta’s Authentication Policies.

Part 1: Add Identity Provider to Okta

Part 2: Add Authenticator to Okta

Part 3: Add Kolide to your Okta Authentication Policies

Step 5: Factor Sequencing

Part 1: Create a New App Integration

Part 2: Create Authentication Policies

Part 3: Create Event Hook

Part 4: Create Global Session Policy