Using Kolide

Using Kolide

Learn more about Kolide’s powerful features:

📃 Auth Logs

Auth logs allow administrators to understand an end-user’s experience when they attempt to access an app protected by Kolide’s device trust authentication.


Checks are the tests that Kolide runs on devices to ensure they meet your organization’s security and compliance requirements.

💻 Device Registration

Device registration is the process that, when completed, allows a device to be used for Kolide’s device trust authentication.

🙏 Exemption Requests

Exemption requests allow end-users to engage in dialogue with Kolide administrators about issues that they cannot resolve independently.


Learn how to interact programmatically with Kolide

🪵 Log Pipeline

Learn how to send Kolide’s device data to your SIEM or Log aggregation service.

👤 People

The “People” section of the app gives Kolide administrators a complete view of all the end-users who are in-scope for Kolide’s authentication.